friends, life has been an absolute upside down, inside out whirlwind of events the last couple of weeks. we are officially unpacked and in our new home where i spent my first week blindsided by the ugliest flu virus i’ve experienced in a very long time. i mean honestly, i haven’t been this sick since i ate an entire bag of pizza combos when i was nine. (i still can’t get over the memory of that horrifying outcome) but while work piled up and the house sat a mess, i had a moment to just reflect.

i thought about life, about my career, my priorities, the mistakes i’ve made, the accomplishments i’m proud of and of where all of this wandering along the way has brought me and in the end, where it will all take me. and while i didn’t reach any concrete answers, i did realize that just because we make mistakes, pick the untraveled path, worry our parents a little in our choices and choose happiness over financial gain doesn’t mean we are lost despite of what others may think. in the end, all of that wandering will bring you to a very different place than you first started and therefore you’ll be able to view life a little more colorfully, hopefully having the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and feel content knowing that you did the best you could do with the circumstances you had.

it’s not often that i get a moment to myself to reflect. between the demands of technology and the needs of the people i love the most, my days are pretty much spent in overdrive and i wouldn’t want it any other way. however, it’s amazing as to how much you can finally see the bigger picture when you’re forced to give yourself a little tlc. i don’t know what this week, month or year will bring but it’s exciting to know that better things are on the horizon, that the seasons are changing and that new beginnings can happen whenever we want them to.

so to all of you wandering out there, keep on, you’ll get there sooner or later and when you do, it will be just the way it was always supposed to be, if not better. cheers to a new week!

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nate and i are finally moving this week (can i get an amen?!) and i’ve been packing, tossing, donating and overall clearing the clutter that tends to accumulate over the course of the years. it feels good to get rid of items i no longer use and bittersweet to say goodbye to things that once were so much a part of me but no longer make sense in hanging onto as i enter this new chapter of my life.

i can’t wait to unpack, decorate and share pictures of our first place as soon as we’re done moving. and with that being said, my internet is getting shut off tomorrow and not turned back on until the latter part of the week so along with the move, i’ll be taking a little time away from the blog this week to spend time in this moment and in the company of family and friends who are helping with the move.

but first, i wanted to share these heavenly pieces i ran across on the etsy shop of hedgehouse. i’m really drawn to the simplicity and finish of their pieces. that desk could bring a certain calm to an office of chaos, don’t you think?

see all of their pieces here. enjoy your week and i’ll catch you back here on monday!

last night, five of my wonderful friends and i participated in restaurant week here in madison at a restaurant i’ve been wanting to try forever, harvest. i had originally intended on writing a post about all of the amazing dishes we ordered, but alas the food arrived and i was too enthralled in conversation about chicken tempura and copps food center potato salad to even remember my intentions until after all three courses were over. so to make it up to you and to somewhat reminisce about my experience last night, i wanted to feature some of my all time favorite food prints.

i ran across the etsy shop of anek a while ago and have really been meaning to order that salad print for our new kitchen. the color, the simplicity, the love that goes into each of these prints remind me of simple dinners with family and friends. the kind of dinners that hold no other worries but that of good food, good wine and good conversation. those are some of my most cherished memories and for me, these prints capture those moments perfectly.

view the full shop here.


happy friday friends! this week has flown by and i’m excited to finally have some downtime and just stay put, enjoying my city and finally opening some of those books i’ve been meaning to read.

this weekend, i plan to…
1.) enjoy the simple things.
2.) celebrate the past and look forward to the future.
3.) eat at my favorite sushi restaurant.
4.) spend more time trusting and less time worrying.
5.) let my hair down. literally. i can only wear a topknot for so long before the people i love step in.

how about you? what are you guys up to?



as you guys all know, this week was very special for me as i officially launched this blog! one that i’ve been designing and thinking about constantly for the last couple of months. when you’re a freelance designer, it’s hard stepping away from client work to focus on your own brand, much less your own life. these last couple of days, i made it a priority to do just that and remove myself from the demands of work, social media, life’s responsibilities, etc. and really reflect on some things that are near and dear to my heart.

i read this amazing post about striving less and have really put some thought into what next week will hold for this space and i’ve come up with some weekly features that i’m really excited about. this will hopefully create more structure throughout the blog and will offer up more original and unique content, which has always been my ultimate goal for this journey.

so here we are, looking forward friends. the journey sure is exciting, isn’t it?

have an amazing weekend – take the time to enjoy that iced latte or piece of vintage street art you pass by. it’s all in the details.


hello friends! i’m so excited to announce the launch of my new blog design – isn’t she a beaut!?

i’ve dabbled in blogging (here) and there before but i really felt honing in on a design and creating an original space that truly reflects me and my aesthetic was much needed in order to pursue the goals, content and ideas that i have dreamt up and planned out for this journey ahead. one that will hopefully continue to take me places i never thought i’d be.

a special thanks goes out to ms. krissy butler who coded up everything i had designed and envisioned for my little corner of the internet. as well as to all of my sponsors on the left hand sidebar who have been so wonderful and encouraging in supporting this launch.

it’s meant to be a place that inspires. not only me, but all of you as well. a place where i can celebrate the events taking place in my life, share the love i’m so lucky to feel and pass along an appreciation for all things beautiful.