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Contrary to my usual routine, this year was the first year that I didn’t sit down and write an extensive list of all of the things that I hope to accomplish in the new year. Instead, I simply have one goal: Do more of what makes me happy. (And to stop apologizing for it!)  Such a simple, yet powerful little goal. One that when exercised, has already brought me a stronger sense of clarity in who I am, where I’m currently going and in the end, what matters most to me.

In today’s world, it’s so easy to fall victim under the heavy stress of unrealistic expectations and constant comparison. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we can see that this struggle is not only mine and yours, but in some ways, it has become the definition of our overstimulated and overzealous society.

Because of that, it is a necessity to give to ourselves just as much as we are giving to others and to simply spend our time wrapped up in the moments that make us the happiest. This year, I encourage you to do more of what you love and if you’re struggling along the way, I highly recommend diving into one of the following podcasts and taking a moment to reset. Cheers to new beginnings!

The Lively Show / Minimalism, Design & Mental Health with Kate Arends

Ted Talk / The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

The Lively Show / Using Values to Thrive in Work & Family with Tina Roth Eisenberg

Ted Talk / The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor

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Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Nate and I got married on Friday, April 25th, 2014 on a bright and sunny day which was sandwiched in between a 7 day forecast of cold and rain. It was the most beautiful, flawless and loving day that I’ve ever experienced. I know a lot of brides probably say that, but for a bride who actually hated being a bride, (I’ll admit it) our wedding was the complete opposite of what the planning process had been…instead it was calm, collected and perfect in every way. I know as a creative, I’m supposed to tell you that I loved planning every last detail down until it all was perfectly curated, but the truth is I was always more interested in being Nate’s wife rather than in having the perfect wedding.

But when the morning of our wedding arrived, I woke up with a sort of calm in me that truthfully I didn’t even know I had. Everything felt right, everything felt perfect and as we went through the day, everything fell into place just as we had always imagined it would. Our pastor gave the most heartwarming and authentic ceremony, friends and family flew in from around the country and together, we celebrated into the next day. It was complete and utter perfection and I’m so excited to be able to share the photos below. Our photographer captured so many special moments between Nate and I, with our family and friends, and of our wonderful venues.

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

Atlas + Isolation | Our Wedding

I know I’m a little late to the game in posting this, but from the bottom of our hearts, a huge and sincere thank you to all of you who contributed to our special day through your love and support. Five months later, we’re still celebrating the fact that we are lucky enough to get to spend our lives together.

Ceremony Location: Olin Park Pavilion / Reception Venue : Lake Windsor Golf Club / Floral Design : My wonderful bridesmaids + I / Vintage Goods : A la Crate Vintage Rentals / Signage : Nate + I / Photography : April Violet Photography / Cake : Carl’s Cakes / Hair & Make-up : Anaala Salon



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life as of lately has gone a little something like this…

work, work, work, get engaged, plan a wedding in 8 short months, work, work, work, try to balance it all, cry a little (okay, maybe a lot) from said planning, drown your stress with good wine and even better friends, get married to the love of your life, go on an amazing honeymoon, turn a year older and quite possibly a year wiser, realize it’s not all about work, make a promise to yourself that this is the year you’ll go after all of the things that you’ve always wanted.

and so through all of that, i’m here. back. (again) and really really excited to be posting somewhat regularly. you all have continued to be so supportive as i stepped away from this space and made some really wonderful transitions in my life, some that i plan to loop you in on in the coming weeks. but before we get there, here’s to brand new beginnings, being at peace with not always having all of the answers, saying yes to new opportunities and leaning on each other for support along the way. cheers!



one week ago today, nate and i were lucky enough to experience one of the most beautiful days together. along with our amazing friends and family, we began a new chapter of loving each other even more then we could have imagined and in a whole new way. it has been an insanely wonderful first week of marital bliss and i can’t even begin to imagine all of the amazing things that our future together will hold.

the photo above was taken by our extremely talented photographer april zelenka who captured our day so perfectly. i’ll post a full recap of the wedding in a couple of weeks, but for now there is sleep to catch up on, cake to eat and a calm after the perfect storm to enjoy.

thanks for all of your love friends – it means the world to us!


i’m in need of some new spectacles and since i’m currently loving ALL of the options that the warby parker winter collection holds, i need your help! what are your favs?

1. lyle  /  2. nash  /  3. webb  /  4. chamberlin  /  5. watts  /  6. durand


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how on earth have six months flown by since i last drafted a post in this space? i’ve thought about this little corner of the internet so often these last couple of months, but all of the ideas, excitement and determination to spend time here somehow trickled away as life happened. 2013 held so many memorable and special moments near and dear to my heart and i am so beyond grateful that i was able to be fully present in each and every one of those moments.

i won’t do a full recap on the year, as i’m chomping at the bit to get things started regularly around these parts, but i do have to say one of my very favorite moments of 2013 was getting engaged to this talented guy. he’s one in a million and our summer spent celebrating with new and old friends quickly turned into late fall, which morphed itself into chilly winter and well, here we are with a whole bunch of new to-do’s and an extremely satisfied glance back at all 2013 held for us.

i ran across the quote above a couple of days ago and it really hit home. for so long i’ve wanted to explore myself as a creative and designer in new ways, finding new territories and pushing myself in new places until i feel i’ve learned and perfected all that i can in this exact moment. i feel thrilled (and honestly, somewhat relieved) to be embarking on a new year of discovery.

so thank you beyond words to all of you who have continued to support me in pursuing my passions this last year, and to all of those who have come to this space while i’ve been away, i can’t wait to follow along on each others journeys as we head into this brand new year!  -jenn

Via Atlas + Isolation

whelp, it’s absolutely no secret that my “week or so…” away from this space turned into the upwards of four full months. for that, to my daily readers, i do apologize but sometimes a gal just needs time away from the computer screen to think about what’s next and what’s best. in the last four months, i’ve been thrown into new experiences, new roles and new friendships. i’ve dealt with change, transitions, a sense of confusion and a loss that hit a little too close to home.

through all of that, the only thing that has brought me clarity is the event of time. time for stepping away from being connected 24/7, time for evaluating my relationships, my career and my life as i move forward into a new year. obviously, i haven’t found all of the answers, not even close, but what i have found through this time off is a sense of calm in not knowing and in not needing to know all of those answers.

so with my head a little bit clearer and a new year upon us, i am beyond excited to be back posting on the blog regularly. this space is such a unique and wonderful way to express myself aesthetically and connect with wonderful and creative individuals around the world and i thank all of you who contribute to that.

and on that note, i’m off to celebrate my other half’s birthday weekend – i absolutely can’t wait to watch him continue to grow and thrive both personally and professionally throughout this next year.

enjoy your weekend as well, see you back here on monday!



please excuse me while i take a break from this space for a week or so until i can get my head back above water. between starting my new gig and finishing up a list of freelance projects, i’m beginning to feel a bit burned out. it’s been a crazy august and i’m hoping the next couple of weeks will bring calmer days and a more refreshed outlook on life.

how gorgeous and elegant is this wedding invitation by mae mae paperie? i’ve been such a long time fan of megan’s and always look forward to seeing the new bridal collections she releases here and there. whether you’re a bride or not, it’s definitely not hard to appreciate the structure and visual elements that make up these beauties. the styling is spot on as well, which always adds another star in my imaginary rating book.

and in other news, some ch-ch-changes are happening around here. i’ve recently accepted a position as a designer for a firm here in madison and i start today (eeks!) i couldn’t be more excited and i’m truly convinced this is the right step for me as i move forward in my career. i will still be blogging somewhat daily, but i’m going to be following a more structured schedule to keep me focused (i tend to get distracted waaay too easily) and hopefully it will provide some consistency around here as well. so each week i’ll feature different content on similar subjects so keep your eyes peeled for what’s in store.

well, it’s about time to pack up that backpack of mine (in this case, my purse of technology) and take my awkward first day back to the real world picture. wish me luck!


this weekend marks a very special date for me. my big brother is getting married. so many memories, laughter, joy and love as we grew up together and became the people we are today.

jason – thank  you from the bottom of my heart for all the advice and encouragement you’ve given your baby sister over the course of her crazy years. those nights we’ve talked on your porch with frozen pizza and cold beers are some of my favorite memories. mackenzie – i couldn’t ask for a better person to come into our lives. you have forever changed us with your joy and kindness. i can’t wait to finally call you my sister and to go through these next years side by side.

i wish you both a lifetime of love, happiness and adventure. words can’t truly express how happy i am for you both.

all of my love to two of the greatest people out there!