i’ve been eyeing up sweedish photographer lina ikse interior shots for quite some time now. her attention to lighting and detail captures even the simplest room, object and/or overall ambiance of the space she’s shooting. i’m especially drawn to the styling in each of these photos and really appreciate the sense of energy lina brings to each of these interior rooms.

browse her full collection of interior shots here, as well as other lifestyle and theater shots here.

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i love visiting dwell on a daily basis, but this morning my adoration entered a whole new level when i saw this this renovated brooklyn brownstone. every little detail of this house makes me want to jump out of my chair and clap my hands together like a raging fool. that dining room alone feels just so magical and light and airy and pretty. (trust me, i could go on and on)

enjoy the entire home tour right here.

yesterday, i ran across the colorful sweedish home of aprill aprill blogger johanna and was immediately inspired. the clean modern lines paired with pops of vibrant colors are so easy on the eye and really makes me want to paint my entire house white and start all over with a blank canvas. since it’s a rental, i’ll refrain but these images sure have me dreaming of what our next space could one day hold. enjoy a closer look into her home here.


i’m super excited to kick off a new feature titled “inspired by” with graphic designer and blogger alex yeske! each week i’ll be featuring an inspiring creative highlighting some of the things that make me drool over their talent and creativity.

i started following alex on twitter a while back and after some chats via email she agreed to be one of my sponsors in my new blog launch. i knew right then that she was just as great as the content on her blog. alex lives in new york city and works as a graphic designer for madewell. (hello dream job!)

i adore her classic aesthetic and am always impressed by the polished look she portrays. whether that is through her blog content, design work or instagram feed, i’m always left refreshed by her style. above are some regular highlights in following along with this talented lady!

follow her here:
blog | twitter | instagram | facebook

nate and i are moving into our first place in just two short weeks (eeek!) and i can’t stop thinking about how every little nook and cranny should hold some sort of special detail that makes the home truly ours. i love these photos from milk magazine, featuring the home of cotton and milk. honestly, how inspiring are those high ceilings, the natural lighting and overall combination of the wood and white? (is it obvious yet how in love i am with that combo?) on top of the naturally great ambiance of the space, i’m really drawn to each little detail that makes the space feel like home. check out the rest of their wonderful space here.


well, it’s officially summer which means i’d rather be somewhere with my feet dangling off the dock, a cold drink in my hand and no worries within reach, rather than inside staring at my computer screen. granted, i was lucky enough to experience that just last week, i’d still like more. so to get my fix, i’ve turned to the site cabin porn, which offers up a daily fixing of perfectly imperfect cabins around the world.

for now, it’ll have to be a good enough distraction to hold me over until i can make it up north next. and while we’re on the subject of provocative cabin speak, do yourself a favor and check out this tumblr. you can thank me later.


i just love these shots from the june issue of rue magazine. such a wonderfully rustic interior with personal touches in every room. it really makes you realize how effective a special something here and there really is.

check the entire issue (and art director bri emery’s last issue) here – i’ll miss her awesome talent across those beautiful pages, but am looking forward to what rue has up their sleeve for the next issue!