the melbourne home of eddie kaul and richa pant is so floaty and dreamy, i’d like to just move right in. the light whites paired with pops of color throughout the decorative details make every room in this space fresh, modern and energetic.


i can’t get enough of how well thought out every piece of furniture, artwork and addition of color is. this space offers the very best juxtaposition of hard meets soft and many of the rooms throughout the house are brought to life through plants, organic textures and well styled vignettes.


be sure to check out their full feature over on the design files to catch their amazing outdoor courtyard, in addition to their sweet story about how much they love their space as well.

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i’m a pretty basic girl when it comes to my wardrobe, but i’ve gotta say, i’m really feeling the subtle fringe trend going on. i mean, that skirt? it could break even the most neutral loving heart.

1. skirt /  2. clutch  /  3. throw  /  4. necklace  /  5. oxfords (similar) /  6. top


A+I Adores / Nautical via @atlasisolation

Life this summer has been all about easy going weekends and calm nights with friends. Hot days have brought a looser and lighter wardrobe and I’ve actually really been enjoying the casual appeal of simple pieces. No muss, no fuss has been my fashion mantra this summer and I’m loving the nautical vibe that many of the pieces above are offering.

What are your favorite trends this summer? Anything awesome I’m missing trading in the usual mall visits for days by the lake instead?

1. hat  /  2. scarf   /  3. espadrilles  /  4. shorts  /   5. t-shirt (similar)  /   6. earrings



as a huge fan of heidi swanson and her blog 101 cookbooks, it’s no surprise that her online shop quitokeeto is just as lovely. the shop features items such as naturally produced perfumes, sicilian chocolate, olive oil from millenarian trees, spring honey and much much more. check out their inventory here and read quitokeeto’s awesome story here.

shop the above items:
1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6.  |  7.  |  8.  |  9.



i just love this attic apartment located in amsterdam, the netherlands. it’s filled with vintage pieces and flea market finds yet houses such simplicity.


the white woods paired with natural hues and bright natural light sets a calm and comforting vibe throughout the entire apartment.


get your interior fill with more beautiful images of this warm home over at the style files.



situated in the heart of copenhagen, the firm norm specializes in residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphic and art direction. with a strong portfolio and a sharp eye for mixed materials, clean color palettes and rustic yet modern ambiances, each space they create packs a prominent wow factor.


in addition to their architectural talent, they are also the makers of innovate home products, which you can view for yourself right here.



i’ve had my eye on the berlin studio hoyss for a while now and recently fell deep into their tumblr feed. it’s full of masculinity, stark whites, rich dark color palettes and clean strong design. there is so much inspiration here, it makes the fact that today is friday that much sweeter.

check their gorgeous feed out right here.

happy weekend friends!


i had a conversation with my soon to be sister-in-law about style over christmas and she said that based on my pinterest boards, she figures that the only thing i’ll ever need in a space to make me happy is mass amounts of white with some good furniture to accompany it. indeed, she’s right. (makes me feel pretty confident that i’m marrying into a family that already knows me so well!) and truthfully, if i could just move right in to the space above, i would.


the mixture of airy white paired with industrial elements brings such a unique life to this space. andy ramus of ar design studio, recognized the potential of this historic stable and rennovated it into a modern three-bedroom house featuring much of the structure’s original barnlike character.

see and read more here on how andy and his studio merged the old with the new and preserved as much of the original stable features as possible.


photo via

how on earth have six months flown by since i last drafted a post in this space? i’ve thought about this little corner of the internet so often these last couple of months, but all of the ideas, excitement and determination to spend time here somehow trickled away as life happened. 2013 held so many memorable and special moments near and dear to my heart and i am so beyond grateful that i was able to be fully present in each and every one of those moments.

i won’t do a full recap on the year, as i’m chomping at the bit to get things started regularly around these parts, but i do have to say one of my very favorite moments of 2013 was getting engaged to this talented guy. he’s one in a million and our summer spent celebrating with new and old friends quickly turned into late fall, which morphed itself into chilly winter and well, here we are with a whole bunch of new to-do’s and an extremely satisfied glance back at all 2013 held for us.

i ran across the quote above a couple of days ago and it really hit home. for so long i’ve wanted to explore myself as a creative and designer in new ways, finding new territories and pushing myself in new places until i feel i’ve learned and perfected all that i can in this exact moment. i feel thrilled (and honestly, somewhat relieved) to be embarking on a new year of discovery.

so thank you beyond words to all of you who have continued to support me in pursuing my passions this last year, and to all of those who have come to this space while i’ve been away, i can’t wait to follow along on each others journeys as we head into this brand new year!  -jenn

1. top  /  2. skirt  /  3. beer  /  4. heels  /  5. nail polish  /  6. camera