Designer and blogger Emma Robertson launched her new website a couple of weeks ago and with one glimpse into her updated portfolio, it sure packs an inspiring punch of design, art direction and photography projects.

I’ve followed Emma’s blog Emmadime for quite some time and was introduced to Eva Kolenko’s keen photographic style through it.  Immediately I was drawn to Eva’s stark, contrasting and fun shots. (Her food photography is my favorite!) So when i saw that Emma was working on Eva’s lookbook, I knew it would be a killer collaboration. 07.14.14_post_02

Above are some of the beautiful spreads that Emma designed to showcase Eva’s work. You can check out the entire project here, more of Emma’s graphic design work here and Eva’s beautiful photography work here.

Sidenote: The Camp Studio Tour Emma just released on her blog a couple of weeks ago is by far one of my favorite projects of her’s. So quirky, fun and unique. Enjoy!

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as a huge fan of heidi swanson and her blog 101 cookbooks, it’s no surprise that her online shop quitokeeto is just as lovely. the shop features items such as naturally produced perfumes, sicilian chocolate, olive oil from millenarian trees, spring honey and much much more. check out their inventory here and read quitokeeto’s awesome story here.

shop the above items:
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when i ran across the website food52, i stared at my screen for an hour and a half totally captivated by the beauty of their products, their cooking columns, and (don’t even get me started on…) their recipes. it’s a wonderful site to get lost in – loaded with resources, information and some of the best styled shots i’ve seen in a while. their products are unique, innovative and great gifts for foodie friends. if only i had discovered them before christmas! alas, i suggest you check them out immediately – be prepared to swoon.

visit their website here, and their online shop “provisions” right here.

shop the above items:
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last night, five of my wonderful friends and i participated in restaurant week here in madison at a restaurant i’ve been wanting to try forever, harvest. i had originally intended on writing a post about all of the amazing dishes we ordered, but alas the food arrived and i was too enthralled in conversation about chicken tempura and copps food center potato salad to even remember my intentions until after all three courses were over. so to make it up to you and to somewhat reminisce about my experience last night, i wanted to feature some of my all time favorite food prints.

i ran across the etsy shop of anek a while ago and have really been meaning to order that salad print for our new kitchen. the color, the simplicity, the love that goes into each of these prints remind me of simple dinners with family and friends. the kind of dinners that hold no other worries but that of good food, good wine and good conversation. those are some of my most cherished memories and for me, these prints capture those moments perfectly.

view the full shop here.

jennifer causey knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. and she captures it effortlessly through her blog simply breakfast. not only are the colors in her photographs bright yet warm, her sense of styling portrays a perfect sense of a rustic and nostalgic morning in the comfort of one’s home.

sure makes you want to eat breakfast with her, doesn’t it?