1. dress  /  2. watch  /  3. pom pom flower  /  4. vase  /  5. sunglasses  /  6. bikini

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1. oxfords  /  2. umbrella  /  3. bedding  /  4. iphone case  /  5. glasses  /  6. washi tape

1. blouse  /  2. glasses  /  3. print  /  4. gelato  /  5. champagne flutes  /  6. bra

happy thursday! i’m super excited to be adding a new feature to the blog called “shop this” where each week i’ll highlight some of my favorite items from a creative shop and/or boutique that i’ve recently come across. some features will be local, some online shops, even a few etsy picks here and there, but all items will be loaded with great aesthetic and can be sure to serve as an awesome gift guide if you’re in need of one.

below are some of my favorite picks from this weeks online shop, best made company which features some really great gifts for guys, but i wouldn’t mind receiving any of their rugged and wonderfully designed items any day of the week.

shop these items below:
  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6.  |  7.  |  8.  |  9.


i’m super excited to kick off a new feature titled “inspired by” with graphic designer and blogger alex yeske! each week i’ll be featuring an inspiring creative highlighting some of the things that make me drool over their talent and creativity.

i started following alex on twitter a while back and after some chats via email she agreed to be one of my sponsors in my new blog launch. i knew right then that she was just as great as the content on her blog. alex lives in new york city and works as a graphic designer for madewell. (hello dream job!)

i adore her classic aesthetic and am always impressed by the polished look she portrays. whether that is through her blog content, design work or instagram feed, i’m always left refreshed by her style. above are some regular highlights in following along with this talented lady!

follow her here:
blog | twitter | instagram | facebook

1. dress  /  2. pillow  /  3. belt  /  4. heels  /  5. bag


i finally received the jcrew fall catalog in the mail yesterday and while i was sifting through, i couldn’t help but fall in love with each of the looks above. obviously polka dots are a hot commodity right now in the fashion world. one trend that’s alright by me! with the cooler weather we’ve been having lately, i’m starting to feel that nostalgic fall sparkle floating in through the windows and i can’t help but think about the more polished look i’m able to sport during this season.

this summer basically consisted of me throwing on whatever i could find with minimal amount of fabric and throwing my hair up on top of my head in order to beat the heat, so i’m definitely looking forward to embracing a season of cooler weather and the trends that go along with it. and because you won’t regret it, do yourself a favor and view the jcrew fall lookbook right here.


i ran across this series on emmadime the other day and couldn’t resist the temptation to watch each additional video and then post some of my favorites in return. one minute wonders is a video portrait series of creatives telling their personal stories and philosophies in 60 seconds flat.

artists, entrepreneurs, designers and business executives all offer up an insight to their motivations, inspirations and challenges. i suggest watching all of them if you have 10 minutes to spare. you’ll walk away feeling more inspired about the creative process than ever before. above are some of my favorites, but you can check out all of the interviews right here.

1. tank top  /  2. shorts  /  3. sandals  /  4. storage boxes  /  5. belt

1. skirt  /  2. earrings  /  3. purse  /  4. necklace  /  5. rug