Lone Flag is a brick and mortar shop dedicated to premium products that are essential lifestyle goods built with quality and purpose in mind. I first learned about the opening of the Del Mar, CA store via instagram where I follow the owner Sam’s talented wife Kelli Murray.  It’s been a blast following along from afar and seeing these two work hard and make sacrifices to follow their dream of opening up their own shop. Check out more of Lone Flag’s inspiring story here and shop their curated collection of USA made goods here.

Shop the above items:
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Warby Parker Half-Decade Collection / Atlas + Isolation

Warby Parker Half-Decade Collection / Atlas + Isolation

Warby Parker Half-Decade Collection / Atlas + Isolation

It’s been a really exciting week for my friends over at Warby Parker! On Monday, Fast Company named them number one in The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, (an honor very well-deserved) and today they released their new Half-Decade Collection in celebration of all the amazing things they have accomplished over the last 5 years!

The Half-Decade Collection is the perfect ode to Warby Parker’s history and mission with it’s unique and inventive take on color, frame shape and style. It features a group of of five and a half shapes (yes, another monocle!) from their first-ever collection, re-released in a limited-edition spectrum of the Warby Parker signature hue, blue, and engraved with a 5 on the temple tip. Each pair arrives packaged in a specially designed box inscribed with all of their frame names to date. How is that for serious style?

Warby Parker Half-Decade Collection / Atlas + Isolation

With all of this celebrating in mind, I pulled together the two looks above featuring my favorite frames from the collection – the Fillmore Frame in Harbor Blue which is great for the confident, quirky gal and the Colonel Monocle in Atlas Blue which is perfect for the trendy, sophisticated guy.

Shop the entire Half-Decade Collection here, and be sure to join in on the celebration here!

Shop the above items for her:
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Shop the above items for him:
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*This post was created in partnership with Warby Parker Eyewear. All thoughts and opinions about their product and brand are my own.



I guess it’s inevitable that I’m one of those twenty something girls who is in love with every product, piece of apparel and book that Anthropologie sells. Does that make me one big cliche? Quite possibly, but when a company hones in and perfects every aspect of their brand, I think it deserves to be celebrated. Above are some of my favorite picks as of lately but trust me, there is a whole lot more to love right here. (And in stores too!)

Shop the above items:
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below are some of my favorite links from around the world wide web this week…


i seem to be going through a major nesting phase lately and have been on the hunt for some colorful rugs to shake things up a bit around our house. this article by victoria on summer rugs highlights some really great picks for summer! photo via beklina (a wonderful shop that i highly recommend checking out!)


it’s hard to believe that it’s already mid-july, which means hotter days and more time spent outside. you may be sweaty, but at least you’ll be adorable in any of these boho hats c/o brit + co’s roundup this week.


and while we’re on the subject of steaming hot days and accidental sunburns, the next time you forget to apply your trusty SPF, try this “after sun homemade lotion” by corina, the talented blogger behind cocorrina.

and just because it was a really great week, here are some more links that i’m loving:

5 tips for twitter to help grow your brand via the always knowledgeable megan gilger + taylor meadows of the fresh exhange

this strawberry basil crostini recipe (and beautifully styled post!) via rachael adele

how to stop fearing ‘no’ via clementine daily

the self-employed survival guide via stephanie sterjovski

have a wonderful weekend friends!


i’m a pretty basic girl when it comes to my wardrobe, but i’ve gotta say, i’m really feeling the subtle fringe trend going on. i mean, that skirt? it could break even the most neutral loving heart.

1. skirt /  2. clutch  /  3. throw  /  4. necklace  /  5. oxfords (similar) /  6. top


A+I Adores / Nautical via @atlasisolation

Life this summer has been all about easy going weekends and calm nights with friends. Hot days have brought a looser and lighter wardrobe and I’ve actually really been enjoying the casual appeal of simple pieces. No muss, no fuss has been my fashion mantra this summer and I’m loving the nautical vibe that many of the pieces above are offering.

What are your favorite trends this summer? Anything awesome I’m missing trading in the usual mall visits for days by the lake instead?

1. hat  /  2. scarf   /  3. espadrilles  /  4. shorts  /   5. t-shirt (similar)  /   6. earrings


i’m in need of some new spectacles and since i’m currently loving ALL of the options that the warby parker winter collection holds, i need your help! what are your favs?

1. lyle  /  2. nash  /  3. webb  /  4. chamberlin  /  5. watts  /  6. durand



i’ve had my eye on the berlin studio hoyss for a while now and recently fell deep into their tumblr feed. it’s full of masculinity, stark whites, rich dark color palettes and clean strong design. there is so much inspiration here, it makes the fact that today is friday that much sweeter.

check their gorgeous feed out right here.

happy weekend friends!



it’s been a frigid week here in the midwest with windshields nearing -45 below. eek! i’m dreaming of these winter knits to keep me sane today. stay warm friends!

1. throw  /  2. sweater  /  3. socks  /  4. clutch  /  5. scarf  /  6. yarn


1. top  /  2. skirt  /  3. beer  /  4. heels  /  5. nail polish  /  6. camera