If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed a flurry of inspirational office photos clogging up your feed lately. A couple of months ago Nate and I decided to convert our spare bedroom into an office so I could have my own work space and he could have his. We’ve made leaps and bounds in terms of cleaning, organizing and donating excess junk that is no longer needed and now it’s on to the part that I love, decorating.

The new office is white with hard wood floors and two wonderful windows. One that looks directly into our neighbors kitchen (thanks city living!) and one that looks out into our adorable little backyard. Both windows provide great light but to make it even brighter, I went with all white furniture as well.


With our canvas so blank, decorating with unique and colorful office accessories has been the way to go. It’s still possible to get the clean, white look but with a homey rather than sterile feel. I’ve been adding a lot of plants and gold accessories to the space and am currently on the hunt for the perfect reading chair.


Keeping organization uncluttered yet functional has been a bit tricky but something that I’m still working at. It’s definitely all about patience and progress, but so far I couldn’t be happier with the way things are turning out. You can see more of my office inspiration here and if you have any suggestions on chic (but affordable!) reading chairs,┬áplease let me know – I’m getting desperate!

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Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! x

The forma giveaway!


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