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life as of lately has gone a little something like this…

work, work, work, get engaged, plan a wedding in 8 short months, work, work, work, try to balance it all, cry a little (okay, maybe a lot) from said planning, drown your stress with good wine and even better friends, get married to the love of your life, go on an amazing honeymoon, turn a year older and quite possibly a year wiser, realize it’s not all about work, make a promise to yourself that this is the year you’ll go after all of the things that you’ve always wanted.

and so through all of that, i’m here. back. (again) and really really excited to be posting somewhat regularly. you all have continued to be so supportive as i stepped away from this space and made some really wonderful transitions in my life, some that i plan to loop you in on in the coming weeks. but before we get there, here’s to brand new beginnings, being at peace with not always having all of the answers, saying yes to new opportunities and leaning on each other for support along the way. cheers!

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Kaci / 07.08.14

YAY!! Can’t WAIT to see what Jenn KOEHLER has in store for us! :)


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