one week ago today, nate and i were lucky enough to experience one of the most beautiful days together. along with our amazing friends and family, we began a new chapter of loving each other even more then we could have imagined and in a whole new way. it has been an insanely wonderful first week of marital bliss and i can’t even begin to imagine all of the amazing things that our future together will hold.

the photo above was taken by our extremely talented photographer april zelenka who captured our day so perfectly. i’ll post a full recap of the wedding in a couple of weeks, but for now there is sleep to catch up on, cake to eat and a calm after the perfect storm to enjoy.

thanks for all of your love friends – it means the world to us!

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Kaci / 05.02.14

What a gorgeous, fun, delicious, happy perfect storm it was! Same time next year? ;)


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