i’m in need of some new spectacles and since i’m currently loving ALL of the options that the warby parker winter collection holds, i need your help! what are your favs?

1. lyle  /  2. nash  /  3. webb  /  4. chamberlin  /  5. watts  /  6. durand

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Liz / 01.14.14

Oooooh. I love the pop of color with #5! The whiskey tortoise are a good choice for a more understated/every day look, too.


JENN / 01.14.14

i know, i do too! i might be leaning towards the whiskey or the woodland tortoise…it’s such a tough choice, i may just have to order both! ;)


emily b / 01.14.14

I’m always partial to blue (in fact those were one of the pairs I was JUST looking at!). But I think any of the tortoiseshell would look pretty amazing on you!


Kaci / 01.14.14

Ooooh I’m voting for Webb! As much as I love me some sapphire, I think that the shape AND color of the Webb ones would look lovely on your pretty face! :)


Melinda DiOrio / 01.16.14

I love them all! But have you seen the new Palm Canyon collection? The Duckworth is my favorite (but I want both the optical and the sunglasses!)



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