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how on earth have six months flown by since i last drafted a post in this space? i’ve thought about this little corner of the internet so often these last couple of months, but all of the ideas, excitement and determination to spend time here somehow trickled away as life happened. 2013 held so many memorable and special moments near and dear to my heart and i am so beyond grateful that i was able to be fully present in each and every one of those moments.

i won’t do a full recap on the year, as i’m chomping at the bit to get things started regularly around these parts, but i do have to say one of my very favorite moments of 2013 was getting engaged to this talented guy. he’s one in a million and our summer spent celebrating with new and old friends quickly turned into late fall, which morphed itself into chilly winter and well, here we are with a whole bunch of new to-do’s and an extremely satisfied glance back at all 2013 held for us.

i ran across the quote above a couple of days ago and it really hit home. for so long i’ve wanted to explore myself as a creative and designer in new ways, finding new territories and pushing myself in new places until i feel i’ve learned and perfected all that i can in this exact moment. i feel thrilled (and honestly, somewhat relieved) to be embarking on a new year of discovery.

so thank you beyond words to all of you who have continued to support me in pursuing my passions this last year, and to all of those who have come to this space while i’ve been away, i can’t wait to follow along on each others journeys as we head into this brand new year!  -jenn

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Liz / 01.06.14

Welcome back! Excited to follow along your creative journey this year :)


Jenn / 01.06.14

thanks liz! so happy you stopped by!


Whit / 01.07.14

Cheers to a new year full of new possibilities! So excited to see your new posts!


emily b / 01.13.14

Jenn! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us! xo


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