Via Atlas + Isolation

whelp, it’s absolutely no secret that my “week or so…” away from this space turned into the upwards of four full months. for that, to my daily readers, i do apologize but sometimes a gal just needs time away from the computer screen to think about what’s next and what’s best. in the last four months, i’ve been thrown into new experiences, new roles and new friendships. i’ve dealt with change, transitions, a sense of confusion and a loss that hit a little too close to home.

through all of that, the only thing that has brought me clarity is the event of time. time for stepping away from being connected 24/7, time for evaluating my relationships, my career and my life as i move forward into a new year. obviously, i haven’t found all of the answers, not even close, but what i have found through this time off is a sense of calm in not knowing and in not needing to know all of those answers.

so with my head a little bit clearer and a new year upon us, i am beyond excited to be back posting on the blog regularly. this space is such a unique and wonderful way to express myself aesthetically and connect with wonderful and creative individuals around the world and i thank all of you who contribute to that.

and on that note, i’m off to celebrate my other half’s birthday weekend – i absolutely can’t wait to watch him continue to grow and thrive both personally and professionally throughout this next year.

enjoy your weekend as well, see you back here on monday!

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