how gorgeous and elegant is this wedding invitation by mae mae paperie? i’ve been such a long time fan of megan’s and always look forward to seeing the new bridal collections she releases here and there. whether you’re a bride or not, it’s definitely not hard to appreciate the structure and visual elements that make up these beauties. the styling is spot on as well, which always adds another star in my imaginary rating book.

and in other news, some ch-ch-changes are happening around here. i’ve recently accepted a position as a designer for a firm here in madison and i start today (eeks!) i couldn’t be more excited and i’m truly convinced this is the right step for me as i move forward in my career. i will still be blogging somewhat daily, but i’m going to be following a more structured schedule to keep me focused (i tend to get distracted waaay too easily) and hopefully it will provide some consistency around here as well. so each week i’ll feature different content on similar subjects so keep your eyes peeled for what’s in store.

well, it’s about time to pack up that backpack of mine (in this case, my purse of technology) and take my awkward first day back to the real world picture. wish me luck!

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heather / 08.27.12

in LOVE with this wedding invitation! good find lady.
also, congrats again on your new position! anyone would be fortunate to have you in their firm.


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